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Review:  3-9x40 IGR SPORT DOT SCOPE

Upon receiving your product (3x9x40 IGR Sport Dot), my first reaction was here we go with yet another test to prove what we were already speculating. Then I took a closer look at your product and noticed maybe we had something here worth the real test. First, the scope is very appealing to the eye with great line characteristics almost an inquisitive look about it. I could hardly wait to mount it on one of our .50 caliber guns loading it with 150 grains of Triple 7 powder and topping it with a 250 grain Barnes bullet. Within four shots I was able to log a 5/8" group at fifty yards dead bull. I would have to credit that to the clarity of your optics and the fine tunable adjustments along with the unique duplex cross-hair design making for easy target confirmation. The one and only flaw I found during initial testing was the adjustment knob caps did not fit the scope particularly well, one (left/right) falling off after a couple of rounds fired. After initial zeroing I then proceeded to remove the scope and remount it only to find the scope was within 1/8 of zero. I repeated this test two more times to conclude the scope was extremely user friendly. For more rigorous testing I then dropped the butt of the rifle from 24" three times then refiring to once again find the scope to hold within 1/8" from initial zero. Proceeding with the test I heated the scope to 140 degrees for one hour then immediately froze your product for 8 hours to put the optics to the real test. To no avail the Mueller held up tremendously without fracture or fogging. With this I then mounted the scope on our larger .52 caliber rifle projecting a 375-grain bullet. I continued to shoot a repetitive 75 rounds only to come to the conclusion this was definitely going to be the set-up I was taking on my black bear hunt coming up. As you may well know when dusk settles in the forest things appear darker than on open plains and with this the use of the illuminated target point in the center of your optic proved to be the reason that the perfect shot placement from the Mueller contributed to my first successful bear hunt.

Thank you for your product.

Gordon Edwards
Knight Rifles

Review:  Multi-Shot 2-7x32 Scope
Mueller 2-7x32 Multi-Shot Field Test Review by ShotGun World

"The Multi-Shot outperformed my expectations and compares favorably to scopes costing much more. I would gladly recommend the Multi-Shot to anyone looking for a reasonably priced scope."

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Review:  Eraticator 8.5-25x50AO
Mueller 8.5-25x50mm Eraticator Field Test Review by Jim Baker of

"I was especially surprised at how clear the glass is, which I would say is at the same level as the Bushnell Elite's and Leupold VXII's at a fraction of the price."

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Review:  Eraticator 8.5-25x50AO
Mueller 8.5-25x50mm Eraticator Field Test Review by Jeff Quinn of

"Mueller is quickly becoming one of my favorite scope makers, offering precision and optical clarity at a very competitive price."

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Review:  Sport Dot 4-16x50AO
Mueller 4-16x50mm Sport Dot Field Test Review by Jeff Quinn of

"Throughout the testing of this rifle, I was very impressed with the Mueller scope. The optical clarity was excellent, as were the fit and finish, and they are also very affordable."

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Review:  Multi-Shot 2-7x32
Mueller 2-7x32mm Multi-Shot Shotgun/Muzzleloader Field Test Review by Jeff Quinn of

"This is a quality scope with a unique reticle designed specifically for the turkey hunter, but would work equally well on a rifle."

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Review:  Tactical 4-16x50AO Mil-Dot
Mueller 4-16x50mm Tactical Mil-Dot Field Test Review by Mel Ewing of

"The Mueller Tactical does offer a new set of options over other scopes for the price point, and because of this it is certainly worth considering."

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Review:  Sport Dot 4-16x50AO
Mueller 4-16x50mm Sport Dot Field Test Review by

"The 4-16x50AO is a really nice riflescope that is offered at an incredibly low price."

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Review:  Eraticator 8.5-25x50
Smoking Gun Shooting Team, Shane Hurkmans

The scope I tested was the Mueller 8.5-25x50 AO red dot. Here is what I did in my shop with the scope.  First I put it on my bench 22lr rifle and sighted it in. then I shot the scope for square.  This test is five shot groups, then I turned the scope left nine clicks and shot five more then up nine clicks and right nine then nine down.  When the last five were right in the same place the first five were not to bad for having five miles an hour winds . When I took the scope off the 22 and put it on my 375 H&H. I took the rifle and put it on the bench that I use for test actions in a vise, strapping the gun down and the butt of the gun up tight against a block wall so the recoil of the gun would not go back.  This way the scope has to take all the force of the recoil. After 100 rounds  from that, I shot the scope for groups on the 22 again.  Then I put it on my 50cal BMG and shot 20 rounds through it. Then back to the 22 for the final  test to see if it held center. After this test, I think this scope will hold  up to just about anything you can do to this scope . Most scopes in this price range would not hold up to all this.


Review:  Sport Dot 3-9x40
Randy Wakeman- Contributing Editor, Guns and Shooting Online; Technical Editor, Muzzleloading:

"The tested scope is a Mueller Extreme Sports Optics 3-9x40mm Sport Dot. This riflescope comes automatically with an illuminated reticle and what I think is an outstanding version of what is often referred to as the German 4a reticle. As opposed to some of the older illuminated reticle scopes, that light up the entire array, the Mueller Sport Dot lights up only a tiny (sub one inch @100 yards) dot in the center of the reticle".

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Review:  Sport Dot 3-10x44
Cris Draper- accomplished outdoor writer, produced and been featured on may outdoor TV segments, provides the latest information on new products which he field tests extensively.

The Mueller Scope was mounted on a Demo Browning 300 A-Bolt Medallion, WSSN which was supplied by Browning for Cris

I took it in on Tuesday and had it mounted on a demo rifle from Browning 300 A-Bolt Medallion, WSSM.  Took it out behind my house and got it on paper the first night, then to the range the next day to dial it in.  Very nice!  The last three shots I fired at 100 yards where at 10X.

First and foremost, let me say, I am totally impressed. And not just me, but several of my Pro Staff Members also made the trip and had a chance to give the scope the once over.   I won't give away the whole details on the review for this first of the two hunts I will be doing the testing on, but rest assured, the initial results are great!  For the cost, performance and features offered, we agree it is a serious contender in its price bracket and able to compete with higher priced scopes easily.

I did actually have the red dot on when I heard the bear coming in, it was the second thing I took care of, only after flipping the safety off.....

Here is a quote from the Guide that has been in business for over 35 years.

As I cleaned out the bear for Mr. Draper and say the shot placement of his shot, I was amazed. It was one of the best shots I have seen on a a bear yet. He had penetrated the left lung dead center, cutting the main artery to the heart, then passing cleanly through the right lung as it passed on through the bear. It was as good as it gets! I wish every client had the shot placement and red dot scope Mr. Draper used on this hunt. Please send me more information on these when they become available to the general market! More to come!!


Letters From Customers

Ted Crews.jpg (17955 bytes)

I wanted to share a pic of how good your scope looks on my DPMS AR15 with an ASA one piece scope mount.  I took it out for the first time yesterday morning.  I am including a sample target from 100 yards.  I was shooting next to a police sniper from Avondale PD and was getting as good or better groupings than he was.  Prarie dogs beware!  My Dad loves his Mueller as well and I've been recommending them to everyone!  Great scope, great price!

Thank you!
Ted J. Crews, Phoenix, AZ

Well it's been a good deer season for me this year and I would like to say kudos to you for a fine rifle scope that you folks sell there . See if you remember me from this last September you and I had chatted about this scope that you guys where gonna put on the market the 4x16x50 well all I can say is it preformed perfectly it work in low light in the morning as well as twilight in the evenings as well and never had a problem with hold on target sited it once and was good Togo for whole season , I'm very excited about hunting varmints this winter . The lighted center work like a charm for those low light conditions that I had in the evenings no concentration on finding corsairs to shoulder on deer . I'm impress and anyone would be pleased to have one of theses scopes on there rifle.Scott

Thanks Scott, we wish you success in all of your hunting adventures, Mueller Optics 

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Jim and his Ruger laminated tigerwood , with the Mueller Eraticator Scope 8.5-25x50mm red dot

Jim, all of us here at Mueller are Jealous of your awesome rifle.

Dear Mueller Optics,

Just to let you know I sighted in My 270 with this scope, Awesome!!!! Consistent shot groups. My final shot is always at a rock on a fence post @ 200yds. hit it first shot, till next deer season lookout coyotes & javalinas.

Thank you,

On May 7, 2004 I ordered and a few days later received a Mueller 8.5-25X50AO scope.   At first I was pleased, but I had not yet mounted it on my Savage Model 10 Tactical .223.  This afternoon I mounted the scope using Weaver mounts and Leupold rings.   I am no longer pleased.  I am estatic.  Wonderful scope.  Wonderful.   Thank you!  My snooty Leupold Only hunting partner was impressed, also.

The best, and thanks again, John Reynolds

Dear Mueller,

I just received my new Mueller Scope and cannot believe the quality of this Scopes for the introductory price offered. I own many high end Scopes and would easily compare the clarity with Scopes I have paid upwards of $500 for and have to give you two thumbs up for your quality and service. I will be showing my new Mueller Scope to everyone I hunt with and I'm sure you will see more orders soon.

Dan Downey- Alberta, Canada

I have just purchased a new Remington Mod. 700  ADL Synthetic and the Mueller Red Dot Scope was a perfect match with my rifle. It has yielded awesome results at the range and I cant wait for hunting season.

Joe Shaffer- Austin, TX

Dear Sir,

Thank you very much for the Scope I purchased, it is by far worth its weight in gold.

Sabastian Phillips- Atlanta, GA

I would like to say that the Mueller Scope I just received is by far clearer than any other Scope I have and they all cost me much more. I will be ordering a few more shortly. Thanks again

Keith Barber- St. Paul, MN


I recently purchased a Mueller Red Dot 4x16x50 AO and I have to tell you
that it is an awesome scope.  It delivers outstanding clarity and
magnification.  Although I haven't had the chance to use the "red dot" in
low light circumstance yet, I am sure it will surpass my expectations.

Your product is a real value and I just wanted to say thank you to the
engineering staff for its quality.

Needless to say I have had quite a few onlookers at the range wanting to see
through the scope.  All were very impressed, especially those that paid
$3-400.00 for their scopes. (Brand names withheld)  I don't want to upset
the "other guys".

Again, thank you for a real "VALUE" amongst the myriad of choices out there.


Philip Crowell
Ft Lauderdale, FL

I ordered a  3-9x40IGR scope from you guys this week and I
received it yesterday.  Obviously I haven't got it mounted and
used it yet in a shooting situation, but last night at dusk I took
it outside and played with it. My first impression is "Boy what a
deal". I have been a Leupold user for years and would touch
nothing else but when I saw your scope I had to try it.  I can't
wait to get it mounted and actually use it. I am impressed with
the clarity in dim light, and the red dot is to die for.
Just wanted to know that it really does look like what your web
site says it is.
Thanks for the rapid response to my order.

Mike McBride

Mueller Optics I personally want to thank you for your product! I recently returned from Iraq and went deer hunting up in Michigan. I borrowed my buddies 12 guage with mueller optics on it and dropped a doe at 171 yards! My first deer ever and had never even shot the firearm before!! I am convinced this is the best scope on the market! I cant wait to go back to Michigan in 2005 with my 2-7x32 Mueller scope for my Remington 1100 and   Hastings CSD barrell.

    Major John C. Jacobi
    Huntsville Alabama

Subject: Your Mueller Sport Dot Gold 3-10x44

I recently purchased the above model scope by from your web sight. It was
delivered in a very timely manner.  I put the scope on a Winchester  model
70 308 cal.  I had it sighted in with 7 rounds.  I really like putting the
dot on the target as opposed to the crosshairs touching when looking through
the scope.  There was no change in shot group when I turned on the red dot. 
I could not believe how clear it is looking through the scope.  It' a
perfect scope and when I need another scope I am getting one just like this

Thank You

Walter M. Wingfield

Mueller Optics

My scope shipped on February 10th; I just received it today. Thanks.

This is the real deal for rifled shotguns; 2-7x 32 MultiShot- the illuminated reticle and the reticle design itself are more than worth the price, but you guys threw in better, sharper, and brighter glass than the Bushnell 3200 I had on my slug gun. It's already mounted and I can't wait to get it sighted in this weekend. I hope this November in Jackson, MI that big, Jacktown buck will feel safe again at 150 yards and give me another shot. I have space available for that wall-hanger. I highly recommend your scopes and plan on getting a new rifle with another one of your scopes.

Dave Pacwa 

To whom it may concern,

    I would just like to send a message to your company to let you know
that I am totally and completely satisfied with my new Mueller scope.  I
purchased it in March of this year and have had it to the range and out
hunting quite a bit so far.  It has really held up well, and the optics
clarity are exceptional!  I WILL be purchasing more Mueller scopes to
replace some of the "also-ran" scopes that I have been getting by with
for years.  I really like the red dot option on these scopes and I am
looking forward to using this feature this year when night hunting for
fox.  Having that red dot would have really been nice last season, when
on many occasions I couldn't see the center of my aiming point in the
crosshairs.  Thank You for an exceptional quality product, keep up the
great work.

John R. Dillard

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