Frequently Asked Questions

What rings should I use?
There are many contributing factors that play a role in determining ring height such as receiver-to-barrel height, Barrel taper and base height. Mueller does not endorse any particular ring manufacturer but we always recommend that you purchase the highest quality rings possible. We also recommend that you have a professional gunsmith mount the scope to eliminate the possibility of damage caused by improper installation, which is not covered under our warranty.

What is Mueller's warranty?
Most models have a Limited Lifetime Warranty and this information can be found in the product "features" on the individual product pages.

Mueller Limited Lifetime Warranty

Mueller EuroCoated™ Lenses:

Once Mueller lenses are precision ground and polished from edge-to-edge using top quality optical glass, the lenses are then coated with 11 layers of EuroCoat™ on all air-to-glass surfaces and heat treated. EuroCoat™ enhances clarity, improves contrast, and maximizes the amount of light transmission to the eye. Our new combination of lenses and EuroCoat™ offer an extremely bright and sharp sight picture that can only be found in much higher priced rifle scopes.

Coating Terms:

Coated: Lens surface or surfaces are coated to improve clarity and light transmission.

Multi-Coated: One or more surfaces of one or more lenses have been coated with multiple film.

Fully Multi-Coated: All air-to glass surfaces have multiple films.

Euro-Coated: All air-to-glass surfaces are Fully Multi-Coated with 11 layers of EuroCoat and heat treated which reduces glare and provides an extremely bright and clear sight picture.

How to use Mueller Sport Dot™ Scopes as Rangefinders.

By knowing the average length of a target such as the sample 32" Delta® Deer we used below, we are now able to judge the yardage of a similar sized target for accurate shot placement.  This same theory can be used on many different size targets such as Deer, Elk, Bear, Mule Deer, Moose, etc.  To the left is just one example of how we used the Sport Dot reticle to judge yardage

The scope used in this demonstraton is our Mueller Sport Dot 4-16x50AO.  The over-all length from Chest-to-tail on the Delta decoy is 32".

This photo was shot through the scope at 100yds on 4 power. We now know that if a target of this size fits between the heavy portion of the cross hairs on 4 power, the target is roughly 100 yards away.



This photo was shot through the scope at 200yds on 8.5 power. We now know that if a target of this size fits between the heavy portion of the cross hairs on 8.5 power, the target is roughly 200 yards away.





Why are Mueller scopes priced so low?

Mueller Optics prefers targeted advertising with reviews in online journals and word of mouth endorsements from satisfied customers rather than mass-market advertising. This allows us to greatly reduce advertising costs associated with mass-market advertising. By doing so, we can eliminate these costs from the price of our products. In all, we don't feel you should be paying the excessively high costs of today's advertising which can cost in excess of $5,000 for just one Magazine ad.

Please help us in promoting our line by spreading the word about Mueller's new line of Rifle Scopes so we can continue to offer our products at a reduced rate. Helping us promote our line can be done in many way's and can include such places as; Online Hunting and Shooting forums, Rifle Ranges, Sporting Goods Stores, Hunting Trips, Guide Services, etc...

Mueller Optics greatly appreciates your support and would like to thank you in advance for taking the time to mention our new line of Mueller Rifle Scopes.